Video Tutorial: How to Install Your Drop-In Trigger

Unsure how to install your new RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger, RA-434 High-Performance Trigger, RA-140 Super Sporting Trigger or another drop-in trigger? Check out our video tutorial below for step-by-step instructions.


Low on patience? Here's a 60-second overview: 

For a written version of these instructions, click here.

Note: The instructions are for reference only. Refer to your local gunsmith or dealer for professional installation advice. The assembly or installation of firearm parts and components should only be performed by a qualified gunsmith or certified armorer. Using a rifle assembled incorrectly or assembled using incorrect or modified parts can result in a damaged rifle, property damage, personal injury or death. Manufacturer is not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from the improper installation or use of our products. Always practice gun safety and handle your firearm responsibly. Ensure the gun is unloaded before installing the trigger. Always point your gun in a safe direction and use extreme caution.