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What Is Trigger Creep and How Does It Affect

"Creep" is a term that's often referenced when it comes to triggers. But what is creep and how

RISE Armament and Folds of Honor: A Proud

There are more than 1 million disabled and fallen service members. Nearly 2 million military

Why Should I Upgrade My Trigger?

Wondering what the benefits are of upgrading an AR trigger? Watch our quick video to learn. 

How to Determine the Range to Your Target with

In our latest tutorial, Garrett Grover — RISE Armament product specialist, retired U.S. Army

Know Your Scope: First vs. Second Plane Reticles

How do you know what focal plane your scope is? Is it a first focal plane or second focal plane

Essential Equipment to Take to the Range

Want to up your game at the range? Check out what gear and supplies Garrett Grover — a U.S. Army

How to Improve your Precision

Precision and accuracy aren't the same. Very simply, accuracy is a one-off deal  a single point

Is It Legal To Own (And Use) Suppressors?

We've all seen those movies, right? The ones where the hero is standing in tense silence,

Common misconceptions about suppressors

Largely thanks to Hollywood and the media, many Americans associate suppressors with the

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